Ashley Hagen


These paintings span from 1999 -2012

My most recent Trompe-l'oeil Paintings are a further, representational expression of my sculptures. The oddity of the subject material from the sculpture imagery leads to the appearance of abstract with an actual realistic approach. For each piece I used a surface material organic to the content. The result of a painting was developed from the destruction and closure of each sculpture.

Paintings dated 2009 and earlier are illustartions of the concept of memory, evoking an enigmatic mirage of emotion and nostalgia through the complexity of pattern, color and texture. I work with rich, lustrous colors of chartreuse, charcoal, lavender and cherry to evoke the mysterious deligts of an Edwardian children's candy counter, as well as the phosphorescent bottles of Belle Epoque aperitif liqueurs.

-Ashley Hagen

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