Ashley Hagen



Liminal, is an installation where I embedded 1” scale miniature dollhouse architectural elements into the Shed Gallery. At first glance, the galley appears to be empty. Upon further investigation, the viewer discovers obscurely placed functioning doors and windows. Inside each door is a new unveiling. One reveals the remaining insulation with a burrowed hole that leads into the blackness of the walls; another has a ½” scale staircase that climbs to nothing. Such reveals occur throughout the gallery. In one corner, what appears to be a wooden panel is actually a miniature Murphy Bed. In another niche, a miniature disappearing attic staircase drops from the ceiling and directly on the floor lays a dormer. I wanted to create an “Alice and Wonderland” effect and also capture the magical idea of escaping through a portal perhaps taking the viewer back to a time when imagination was limitlessness and the make believe was real.

-Ashley Hagen

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